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lazyload is no longer in active development, and is permanently free.

NOTE: This project does NOT support version GMS version 2.3 and beyond.

lazyload is a sprite management tool for GameMaker Studio 2 that allows you to automatically import and update sprites to a project.

What does it do?

  • Auto import / update sprites to GMS2
  • Supports png, gif, and Aseprite files
  • Can alphabetically sort your sprites in GM
  • Adds custom prefixes to resource names (ex: spr_)
  • Processes strip images into frames automatically
  • Can scale all imported sprites by a given number
  • Converts resource names into either snake_case or camelCase
  • Allows you to set a default sprite origin point
  • Flexible permission options to control exactly what lazyload does

How do I use it?

At a minimum, you must set a GMS2 project directory and a directory to sync images from. If you would like compatibility for Aseprite files, simply input the location of Aseprite in the “Aseprite Executable” field.

To customize your import options, go to the “Import Options” tab at the top left of the tool. Each option has a tool tip when hovering over it that will explain what it does clearly.

lazyload additionally has a “Permissions” menu that let you customize what the tool is allowed to do. Minimum will only import sprites, while Standard will import and update sprites – but it will only update sprites that were originally created by lazyload. If you want to allow the tool to overwrite sprites you created in the GMS2 IDE, set the permissions to Maximum.

When you are ready to import and update, simply check “Enable Sync”! While syncing is enabled, any new image to enter the watch directory will be imported, and any image in the watch directory that is modified will have its respective sprite updated.


Please note that lazyload comes with an EULA, which can be read prior to purchasing here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qFFt7DNYZONV_TGs68u1Wfyg3bCzwBLXi4W8A3ZYcts/...

Contact, Requests, and Bugs

For any issues or request with lazyload, please create a topic on our itch page, or alternatively contact me at imlazyeye@gmail.com, or alternatively, lazyeye#0001 on Discord. I will answer you promptly to figure out whatever you need!

Reminders / Tips

  • Please be careful to only launch lazyload using “lazyload_launcher.exe” found in the root directory of the package. Do not launch lazyload using “lazyload_gui.exe” or “core.exe”.
  • Don’t like hitting “Reload” every time you import a new sprite? You can change GMS’s preferences in the “General” tab to automatically refresh when new files are added – be careful though! When GM refreshes, unsaved changes are lost.
  • Remember, the watch directory reads all of its sub-directories – which means you should not put your GM project directory inside of your watch directory!

Special Thanks

As always, I’d like to offer a special thanks to the entire GameMaker community, especially those in the /r/GameMaker discord for their support and assistance in the creation of my work. And of course, thank you to anyone who supports this product! Myself and Topher spent a long time working very hard to make lazyload as good as it possibly could be, and we’re very proud of the result. Your support means the world to us, so thank you.

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